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2018-11-14 - A recombinant enzyme

Native enzyme - Gla I was replaced by recombinant enzyme.
2018-04-08 - New packed

New packages of Gla I (200 units and 1000 units) Ц twice more activity for the same price!

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Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics
October 26-28 2017 Osaka,Japan
Poster Session
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Viktor Tomilov, Murat Abdurashitov, Danila Gonchar, Anastasiya Snezhkina, George Krasnov, Anna Kudryavtseva and Sergey Degtyarev
Comparative analysis of RCGY sites methylation in the genomes of Raji and U-937 malignant and normal lung fibroblast cell lines // Cancer Epigenetics and Biomarkers, Osaka, Japan, October 2017

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