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2014-04-09 - New enzyme

Enzyme Msp20 I was replaced by Mox20 I.
2014-02-27 - A recombinant enzyme

Native enzyme - Fsp4H I was replaced by recombinant enzyme.

Cancer Epigenomics
Sitges, Spain, October 6 - 8, 2013
GLAD PCR analysis of aberrant DNA methylation in cancer
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   Aox I  Kro I
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Abdurashitov A Murat, Gonchar A Danila, Chernukhin A Valery, Tomilov N Victor, Tomilova E Julia, Schostak G Natalia, Zatsepina G Olga, Zelentsova S Elena, Evgen’ev B Michael, Degtyarev Kh Sergey Medium-sized tandem repeats represent an abundant component of the Drosophila virilis genome // BMC Genomics.2013, 14:771
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